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The start of May 2020 saw us make

some radical quick changes to how we serve you and make it even easier and safer for you to order your favorite Fryday night take away all week, we launched our brand new Click & Collect service for collections on Thursday, Fryday and Saturday.

In light of the new click & collect service which is proving to be very popular and safe, the reviews and feedback we have received have been fantastic, thank you everyone who gave us this feedback. We intend to integrate click & collect with our counter service when it can open safely, this will be on selected days and times and only when our business resumes back to some sort of normality.

There are safety measures in place for social distancing along with a 100% contactless click & collect service for your safety and our safety. We think our systems in place are the safest in Bridlington and so do our customer after giving us invaluable feedback, thank you.

Coming soon......DRIVE UP DELIVERY...........!

Currently Not Available



A: Drive your car and arrive at your allocated time slot, park up on North Marine Drive at the designated area (see illustration below) and we will bring your order upto your car at your given time slot.


Q: WHEN can I use this service.


A: This service will be mostly be available during unsettled weather conditions. We will post on our website and facebook when this service is available to use.


Q: HOW do I order.


A: You will be able to use our click and collect service as normal, BUT you will have to enter your car colour, model and number plate in the special request section when placing your order also text 07515 825 394 when you have arrived and parked up. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before time slot. We use mobile phone data time as all mobile's use the same time what ever the phone model.


Q: HOW do I know if my order has been finalised and is in your online queuing system.


A: After you have completed your order on line and that means you have completed payment, you will receive a email confirmation of your order and a 4 digit letter code. If you do not receive or have this information required, you have not correctly entered or completed the process correctly and no order will be ready for the time and date you request.

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